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Top Cloud Vps – The 2022 survey of top cloud computing companies goes way beyond AWS, Azure, and Google. While these three are the undisputed leaders in cloud computing, the cloud service provider market is brimming with exciting new developments and new iterations of existing technologies, from multi-cloud to hybrid clouds, as well as clouds and 5G.

Indeed, when you consider how cloud computing has dramatically changed the world over the past decade, it has been a dizzying period of growth. We have seen the data center transform into a private cloud and also the rise of cloud technology. Technologies such as IaaS, PaaS and SaaS have established themselves as the backbone of IT. Container technology has gone from new technology to mainstream adoption in several leading industries. Cloud and artificial intelligence are now closely intertwined.

Top Cloud Vps

What’s more, how companies now see the benefits of the cloud has changed from an “optional upgrade” to an “absolute business necessity.” Meanwhile, confusion about the cost of cloud computing and cloud security remains, and cloud startups are popping up all the time to address these cloud issues. To help companies deal with the confusion and challenges associated with cloud computing, a plethora of cloud management platforms have sprung up to offer solutions. This list is only a brief description of a sector that is undergoing rapid change, so please check it again – we expect the group known as “leading cloud companies” to be changing soon – and constantly.

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Of the companies offering cloud services in 2022, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the fastest. AWS continues to grow at a rapid pace and is working on various initiatives to position itself as the market leader in cloud computing. Google Cloud Platform will also work with their own solutions such as TensorFlow Lite in conjunction with other research they are doing. Microsoft Azure has created a website called Meet Fast Azure that connects you directly to the new features, so it looks like they have the initiative and growing revenue as well.

One of the difficulties in compiling a list of top cloud companies has to do with answering this tricky question: the best cloud companies for what? Now in 2022, there are many inherent enterprise uses for the cloud, from accessing HR software to hosting the core of your infrastructure.

However, in an attempt to create a more representative portrait of this hotbed of technological evolution, we have divided the list into two parts: Leader and Key Players. The line between them (if there is one) is blurred and open to opinions.

Widely recognized as a leading cloud company — indeed the company that brought the world to the cloud — AWS continues to grow and innovate at a pace that shows no sign of complacency.

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In the fourth quarter of 2020, AWS reported that it expects annualized revenue of $45.3 billion and a growth rate of 28% for the quarter, which is a stunningly high performance given the already huge size of its cloud business. This is the third consecutive quarter with a slight decline in percentage growth, with all previous quarters achieving growth rates of 30% or higher since the cloud pioneer started to reveal the numbers. (Indeed, a significant portion of Amazon’s profits come from AWS.)

The problem for AWS in its competition with another leading cloud provider, Microsoft Azure, is that Microsoft has historically had a closer relationship with the enterprise. However, AWS has largely overcome this advantage with the exceptional depth and quality of its cloud-based tool suite.

VMware Cloud on AWS is a virtualization technology that allows companies (especially large, slow growing companies) to build a bridge from the traditional data center to the public cloud, which is the specialty of AWS.

In terms of revenue, Microsoft Azure comes in second, but Azure is essentially the direct competitor of the Amazon Web Services big dog. His greatest strength is his inherited strength in the enterprise; The long dominance of Windows and many of Microsoft’s productivity apps means that enterprise customers were married to Microsoft even before the cloud was a big factor.

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Consistent with these close corporate relationships, Azure is strong in hybrid cloud, a mission-critical offering for companies with large data center investments or a high-value facility that they need to interface with a remote public cloud. Another key strength of Microsoft lies in software as a service, SaaS. It offers a long list of enterprise SaaS tools, most notably Office 365. Azure has a top-notch PaaS offering that integrates with the public cloud.

Azure is well positioned to serve cloud customers as automation and artificial intelligence become dominant. Azure MachineLearning is a full-featured production platform that allows you to create all sorts of custom algorithms and machine learning solutions.

Ranked third behind AWS and Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers a robust IaaS offering with deep technical capabilities due to its dominance in the search market. Starting with strong networks and automation, GCP offers arguably the industry’s strongest capabilities in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics in particular.

GCP is a top contender for applications and mixed deployments, which is a cloud-based, growing sector and one that is sure to be dominant at some point – perhaps sooner than it seems right now. The cloud provider is rooted in open source and open systems.

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Historically, GCP has not been closely associated with corporate clients, and the company is working to correct this situation. So the move to multicloud is good news for GCP; if it cannot be the company’s main cloud platform, it will certainly be “one of” the company’s cloud providers. GCP can then use this foothold to increase market share.

With one of the most complete and highly developed enterprise portfolios of any vendor in the technology sector, the IBM cloud is popular with midsize to large business customers. As a cloud service provider, IBM has a global presence, offering its IaaS and PaaS solutions in data centers from Brazil to India, Germany and Korea.

The acquisition of Red Hat in 2019 confirms IBM’s deep commitment to building its cloud infrastructure using an open hybrid approach. Indeed, IBM is well positioned to be a player in the emerging multi-cloud landscape.

Also very important is IBM’s focus on AI as part of the Watson initiative; while not strictly a cloud offering, modern companies often buy (or at least buy) their AI services from their cloud providers. In addition, IBM offers powerful data analytics and machine learning capabilities that interface with its cloud platform.

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Entering the cloud computing market later than other competitors, Oracle launched Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in 2016. Despite the late start, Oracle has been aggressively catching up and gaining credibility as a cloud platform.

Oracle is not seen as a fully featured public cloud provider like AWS and Azure are. This is despite the company’s clear commitment to creating IaaS and PaaS offerings. However, its focus is on offering its legacy database capabilities and other core enterprise offerings on a flexible, advanced cloud platform. Essentially, it is Oracle software in the Oracle cloud.

However, the company is gaining significant market share and its cloud platform is receiving generally positive reviews.

The first heyday of VMware was before the advent of the cloud, when the data center controlled IT. As the undisputed leading provider of enterprise virtualization, VMware minted money and firmly established itself in enterprise IT. As data centers began migrating to the cloud, some industry observers wondered how VMware would fare in this new environment.

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Now, in 2021, the answer is: quite well. VMware serves as an efficient and much-needed bridge between the dinosaur data center and the many complexities of the cloud. With so many companies (especially large ones) that have invested so much in their on-premise systems but now see an overwhelming need to move even more workloads to the cloud, VMware is in an ideal position.

Keeping up with the times, VM has alliances with AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Dell-owned VMware is well-resourced and so important to Dell’s cloud strategy that it is likely to be the hybrid cloud leader for years to come.

Sure, it’s a software-as-a-service titan, but the SaaS format doesn’t fully describe the Salesforce empire. Since its inception as a premier CRM software provider, Salesforce has continued to expand, now offering a nearly complete suite of cloud-based enterprise software, from marketing to commerce to integration.

In 2019, it acquired leading data analytics player Tableau, allowing it to offer detailed metrics in a world now dependent on data mining. This comes just a year after Salesforce bought Mulesoft, an IT integrator that brings together applications, data and devices.

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To top it off, Salesforce continues to improve its Einstein artificial intelligence platform, which it touts as a “smart CRM assistant.” Thus, Salesforce positions itself at the very center of the hyper-connected cloud world.

A strong player in Asia, Singapore-based Alibaba is the leader in cloud computing in China and is also successful in sales to customers around the world. By comparison, Alibaba claims $6 billion in cloud revenue per year (compared to AWS’s $40 billion per year).

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