Secure Cloud Storage

Secure Cloud Storage – Cloud storage services are Internet-based virtual storage companies that store and manage data on behalf of users. Cloud services store the user’s files in a data center or cloud storage server, which the user can access through the Internet. Cloud storage services make it simple to store data in a virtual environment that can be accessed anytime and anywhere from user devices.

Data is collected in whatever form the user or organization needs, but choosing the best channel for collection is critical. Cloud storage has replaced traditional methods of data storage in the twenty-first century. Some of the benefits of using a cloud storage service are usability, efficiency, automation, cost-effectiveness and security. In today’s commercial world, every team, company or individual needs to access data wherever they work. It is very important to rely on secure yet accessible cloud storage services.

Secure Cloud Storage

Sync is a safe, secure, integrated cloud storage platform for file and document collaboration. This service prioritizes security and offers the best unlimited cloud storage on this list. For the free version, storage space starts at 5GB. Additionally, depending on the payment plan chosen, users can avail more storage capacity. Sync includes the ability to send files to anyone, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android support, unlimited data transfer for all plans, up to five device synchronization, real-time file backup, and two-factor authentication, plus extra storage space.

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Sync’s paid features include unlimited storage, customer branding, phone assistance, admin accounts, account manager, increased user count, end-to-end encryption, file history and recovery, offline access and notifications. With Sync’s end-to-end encryption, users’ files are safe. TLS/SSL tunnels are Sync’s security features that protect files as they move from a user’s device to the cloud and to other users. For whatever reason, the Sync service does not have access to user files or data. Certain functions such as access notification, access request and download restriction provide additional protection to users. Sync complies with all privacy laws in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and the European Union. Users can share the link with anyone without fear of their data being compromised.

Any cloud storage device should have a high level of security. For all plans, Sync offers excellent security and end-to-end encryption. Also, users’ encryption keys are not accessible to Sync. Sync is a solid cloud storage option that is reliable because of these critical capabilities.

User information is technically located in Canada as Sync data centers are located in Toronto, Ontario and Scarborough (Ontario, Canada). Some of the advantages of Sync are easy file restoration, best solutions for corporations, easy file and folder sharing, better security, full money back guarantee and better privacy policy. Some major disadvantages of Sync are long annual contracts only, no third-party app access, limited support, slow syncing, no Linux support, slow speed, and buggy interface. Sync apps are available for Android, iPhone and iPad and allow users to access files from anywhere using their mobile devices.

Apart from the free version, Sync offers four premium options based on the amount of storage required. Individuals can choose between Solo Basic and Solo Professional packages, costing $8 and $20 respectively. Teams Standard and Teams Unlimited, which cost $5 to $15 per month, are included in the Teams package.

Fast, Affordable Cloud Storage & Secure Data Protection

NordLocker is a cloud storage solution that makes it easy for users to encrypt critical files on their Windows or macOS devices. NordLocker provides customers with efficient, encrypted data storage devices. Storage space starts at 3GB for free users. Some of NordLocker’s features include drag and drop, automatic data backup, access from multiple devices, end-to-end encryption, file synchronization, simple interface, file/folder sharing, device compatibility, and zero-knowledge policy.

Some of NordLocker’s paid features include unlimited data encryption, 24/7 customer support, secure cloud synchronization, fair pricing structure and HIPPA and GDPR compliance, support for Windows and Mac OS, and a 30-day money back guarantee. NordLocker is safe and secure and protects user files. To protect user data, this storage service employs strong AES-256 encryption. NordLocker follows a no-knowledge policy so that no one else, not NordLocker, can decrypt user data. NordLocker is headquartered in Panama, where companies have no government obligation to snoop on their customers or preserve logs of their actions. Since the user data is securely encrypted on the computer, no one can decrypt the data if there is any pressure to reveal the data.

NordLocker has some drawbacks, no secure deletion of original unencrypted data, no 2FA option, requirement of NordLocker software for file sharing, and only 3GB of storage for the free version. The location of NordLocker’s servers is completely cloud based.

NordLocker is a secure and reliable system. User data is protected with the most powerful AES-256 encryption. Furthermore, only the user knows the master password for NordLocker installation; No one else can decode the password, including Nordlocker. NordLocker conducted a hacking challenge called “NordLocker Bounty Campaign” in April 2020 to establish its credibility for users. The contest requires someone to download an encrypted locker from NordLocker and successfully breach it to win the $10,000 contest prize. After more than 600 attempts no one could get into the encrypted locker.

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NordLocker has an app that helps customers get the most out of the program. NordLocker offers monthly subscriptions and an annual discount. The monthly plan is $7.99, while the annual plan is $3.99 per month. Both pricing options include 500GB of storage.

IDrive is a low-cost cloud storage tool that allows customers to protect their data by performing regular online backups. This program allows you to backup an infinite number of PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices to a single account. IDrive can also backup external hard drives. The storage capacity of the free version is 5GB. Multi-device backup, IDrive Express, continuous data protection, security, privacy and online file sync are all features of IDrive.

IDrive’s paid features include snapshots and versions, managing systems, computer backup, security and privacy, and unlimited backup of PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices to a single account. When transmitting and storing data and devices in the cloud, iDrive uses standard 256-bit AES encryption. Users can generate private encryption key for free to get better secure data. According to IDrive’s Privacy Policy, the cloud storage provider takes reasonable steps to secure personal data under its control from loss, misuse and unauthorized access.

When it comes to determining the reliability of cloud storage, certain factors are crucial. Most, if not all, of these functions are available in IDrive. IDrive is one of the most secure cloud backup services available with a reasonable price. IDrive’s security is user-centric. IDrive also uses zero-knowledge cloud backup mechanisms that allow users to generate a private key for encryption. IDrive’s servers do not contain users’ private encryption keys.

How Safe Is Cloud Storage?

IDrive is a privately owned firm based in Calabasas, California that specializes in cloud storage. IDrive applications and data are protected in some of the top-tier data centers around the world. Data centers provide the physical infrastructure necessary to keep servers running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. IDrive’s advantages include speed and capacity, ease of use, unlimited devices, a great mobile app, and a free version. IDrive has some drawbacks, including short-term subscriptions, limited storage, sometimes slow performance, and unclear pricing.

The IDrive app is available for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. Users can back up files from their mobile device and manage synchronized files using IDrive’s mobile apps for Android and iOS. IDrive has a free version for users with 5GB of storage. IDrive is currently running sales on paid versions of the software, with IDrive Personal costing $59.52 for the first year, IDrive Team costing $74.62, and IDrive Business costing $74.62 for the first year. Regular prices are $79.50, $99.50 and $99.50 for each edition, respectively. IDrive Business has additional features like priority customer support, single sign-on, unlimited users and server backup. However, it comes with just 250Gb of storage compared to the 5TB of storage on the iDrive team account. IDrive business users can get 5TB of storage by paying extra.

PCloud is one of the most popular cloud storage services available. The service offers a variety of cost-effective storage options and a substantial amount of free cloud storage. The storage space of the free version is 10GB. Features of pCloud include link sharing, access from any device, TLS/SSL encryption, music player and file requesting.

Paid features of pCloud include shared link branding, file management, backups from Dropbox, Facebook, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Google Photos, built-in media and usability, collaboration, security, automatic synchronization across multiple devices, and additional layer encryption. Every device is compatible with this cloud storage tool, making it easy to access files from any device. One of the most notable features of pCLoud is the ability to reverse files to previous versions.

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All pCloud plans include standard 256-bit encryption and TLS/SSL tunneling

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