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We offer a 10-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our product/module, simply open your ticket within 10 business days of purchase and we will refund all your money within 3 business days. After 10 working days, the money-back guarantee will not apply.

Google Vps Cloud

We provide fanatical technical support for our modules. If you are unable to configure our module, we can provide support through our ticketing system. If it still doesn’t work or takes too long to configure, we can only go one step ahead and help you configure via Teamviewer if you allow it. Support will only apply to a single instance.

Provision A Custom Vps From The Google Cloud Platform (or Any Other Provider)

You may only use the source code version within your organization/company. You have the right to edit, modify and use it according to the needs of your organization, but you are not allowed to publish the source code version.

Code sharing is strictly prohibited. You have no right to share the source code or any of its excerpts, except within your organization.

We provide fanatical technical support for our modules. If you are unable to configure our module, we can provide support through our ticketing system. If it still doesn’t work or takes too long to configure, we can go one step ahead and only help you configure via Teamviewer if you allow it. Support will only apply to a single instance.

Module updates are free for 1 year and you will get regular updates of any new version or added features. After 1 year you have to pay /year for updates. This price is not mandatory and depends solely on whether you want the update or not. You can purchase the updated version at any time. Your subscription starts from the date of purchase and will be valid for the next 365 days.

Manage Files In Google Cloud Storage With Python

The Google Cloud VPS module helps to fully automate and control the Google Cloud instances directly on WHMCS. This module is best suited for users who want to automate Google cloud server and navigate and manage the status of virtual machines from end to end.

As an administrator, you can access control panel features, view VM logs, add multiple Google API accounts, and modify resources including regions, images, disk type, zone, etc. through the WHMCS admin area. In addition, the module also allows your clients to start/stop/restart servers, update SSH key, reset Windows server password and helps to get detailed information about the servers including status and IP addresses. To effectively run your business, use the Google Cloud VPS module to monitor, control and automate each and every virtual machine.

Provides comprehensive VM management capabilities for client panels to start, stop, reset, snapshots, and change SSH keys and Windows passwords from the client area.

Your customers can view their VM statistics graphs like CPU, Disk Throughput, Disk IOPS, Network Traffic and Network PPS.

Google Compute Engine Hosting Review

ACL setting to manage the client area services tab as an option to allow or deny features in the client area for specific servicelets, you use participating products for free, and one of them is high-performance virtual machines. You can use Google’s cloud-free offering to create an online virtual machine with Windows, Linux, or another OS and an app of your choice. This is perfect for you if you need to run an app that needs to run for 24 hours on Windows.

Since these virtual machines are stored on Google’s cloud server, they are always up, your automation tool runs throughout.

In this case study, I’m installing a Windows 12 server using Google’s cloud free tier. Before taking advantage of this offer, you should read the FAQ’s here about this free offer.

When you’re ready, just follow the steps and eventually you’ll have a Windows Server 12 installed on a free Google VPS. You can use this guide to install other OS as well.

Fully Managed Vps Hosting Server Google Cloud

Enter your account information if prompted. You must enter your credit card information to take advantage of this option. However, Google makes it clear that there is no automatic charge after the free trial ends.

For the boot disk settings, click ‘Change’ in front of the boot disk and it will populate many boot disk settings.

This RDP file is important as it allows you to connect to the server. So keep it in a safe place as you will resume it again in the future.

Give yourself a pat on the back as you have successfully created a free web server on Google cloud platform with Windows Server 12 installed.

How To Get Free Vps For Lifetime 24/7 On Gcp With Turbo Vnc Rdp (video)

To connect to our newly created virtual server, we now need an app that lets us connect to remote desktop. There are official apps from Windows that are really good for this task.

I use a MacBook and the official Microsoft Remote Desktop 8 Mac app did not disappoint me at all. Actually, it was quite easy to connect to my Windows server using downloaded RDP file and Microsoft Remote Desktop 8 app.

Open the app, click the + icon > click Import Desktops and select the downloaded RDP file.

You may see a pop-up as shown in the above screenshot, just click continue and you will be able to connect to your virtual Windows server 12 instances.

Top 10 Advantages Of Choosing Google Cloud Hosting (2022)

For the first time, you need to log in with your username/password that we created in the previous steps.

There you go, now you have a full-fledged free Windows server for the next year on Google Cloud. Even if you disconnect using RDP, your server will always be up.

However, you should only use it when you have a use case or something you want to try, otherwise it would be a waste of this offer. I don’t see this free plan going away anytime soon.

Note: Amazon AWS also offers such free plan and you can benefit from it from here. I have talked about Amazon free AWS account in my previous post about free WordPress hosting companies.

How To Setup Google Cloud For Cloud Gaming

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Welcome back. Today, we look at complaints from Google Cloud employees who say frustration with senior management is causing VPs to quit, and we examine why Airbnb is pulling all of its ads from mainland China.

Vps Google Cloud , Free Lifetime Update

1. Google Cloud employees say frustration with senior management is causing VPs to quit. Google’s multibillion-dollar cloud-computing arm has undergone a major overhaul over the past three years, leading to impressive progress and revenue growth. However, this has come at the cost of alienating a number of employees in the division.

2. Amazon doubled its warehouse footprint during the pandemic, but now has “too much space.” To meet the growing demand, Amazon added more than 200 million square meters of warehouse space between 2020 and 2022. But now the e-commerce giant has a lot of space and nothing to fill it with. Reports say Amazon is even considering subletting the space — here’s what we know.

3. Robinhood bets big on crypto, but obstacles stand in the way of success. After laying off about 10% of the company’s employees, CEO Vlad Tenev believes crypto will help drive growth. But a broader identity crisis, regulatory barriers and a plummeting crypto market could thwart Tenev’s ambitions. Here are some of the things that stand in the way of Robinhood.

4. Fears that anti-abortion vigilantes may buy the location data of people seeking abortions. Democrats wrote to the FTC to say they are concerned about data brokers selling the location data of people visiting abortion clinics if Roe v. Wade is overturned. The letter said: “We are concerned about the privacy of women making decisions that should be between them, their families and their doctors.”

Google Cloud Platform 搭建高速vps

5. Snap slows the hiring pace. After hiring hundreds of employees recently, Snap is the latest tech company to slow hiring. Insider has obtained a memo from Snap’s CEO that reveals revenue growth has slowed in the wake of a tumultuous year. Here’s the latest.

6. Airbnb pulls all ads in mainland China. According to CNBC, the move comes amid prolonged shutdowns due to the country’s harsh zero-covid policy. Since Airbnb was created in China, nearly 25 million guests have booked stays in the country. Now all its listings are to be removed this summer.

7. Uber freezes most hiring, but no layoffs

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