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Google One India plans and prices you can see as free unlimited photo storage will end soon

Cloud Storage Pricing

Google One is similar to an Apple One membership but with a few extra benefits. All premium plans allow you to access Google experts, add family members to share, and enjoy “Extra Member Benefits.”

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Google Photos users will lose the free storage they’ve enjoyed for the past few years by the end of this month. Starting June 1, the company says the platform will stop supporting free photo and video backups — a development first announced last year. Google had revealed that all “high quality” photos or videos that users upload to Google Photos will count towards the 15GB Google Drive storage limit. We have already covered how you can download photos and videos from the platform to your computer or laptop. Today, we will talk about the Google One subscription that ensures that you can continue to use photos and other services by paying a premium without worrying about storage.

First of all, come June 1st, Google will count data from all its services like Gmail, Drive, Photos and more in the allocated free 15GB storage. Google One comes with a subscription plan ranging from a 100GB plan to 30TB of cloud storage. It’s similar to an Apple One membership but with a few extra benefits. All premium plans allow you to access Google experts, add family members to share, and enjoy “Extra Member Benefits.” In select regions except India, users also have access to Google VPN service. Starting with the base 100GB Google One plan, customers can spend Rs 149 per month or Rs 1,499 per year. The 200GB plan costs Rs 219 per month and Rs 2,199 per year. Another is the 2TB plan which costs Rs 749 per month and Rs 7,500 per year. The above plans reflect the Google One app for iOS while the website shows three plans relatively cheaper. Base 100GB is priced at Rs 130 per month and Rs 1,300 per year. While the 200GB plan is priced at Rs 210 per month and Rs 2,100 per year, and the 2TB plan is priced at Rs 650 per month and Rs 6,500 per year. Google offers 10TB, 20TB, and 30TB plans at a monthly rental of Rs 3,249, Rs 6,500, and Rs 9,700 respectively. These three plans are available through the app.

Google One App allows users to manage backups and storage according to each app and platform. Users can also use Google support through the app.

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1. Introduction2. Dropbox vs. Google Drive – Free Storage 3. Dropbox vs. Google Drive – Pricing Plans 4. Dropbox vs. Google Drive- Integration with Office Apps5. Dropbox vs. Google Drive – File Sync and Sharing 6. Dropbox vs. Google Drive – File Search 7. Dropbox vs. Google Drive – Productivity and Application Support8. Dropbox vs. Google Drive – File Types Support 9. Dropbox vs. Google Drive: Which Cloud Storage Should You Choose?

As we do most of our work online, it is important to store files regularly. A question that comes up when it comes to filling storage solutions is whether to choose Dropbox or Google Drive.

Both are popular, affordable cloud storage services that include file sharing, syncing, and backup. But, when we compare the two, which cloud storage solution is better?

Continue reading to learn more about the differences between the two and the aspects you should consider before making your choice.

The 5 Best Personal Cloud Storage Tools And How To Decide

Both Dropbox and Google Drive offer free storage. As you already know, Dropbox offers 2 GB of cloud storage space, and Google offers 15 GB. While Google seems to be leading the way when it comes to free storage, we shouldn’t forget the Dropbox referral program that allows users to get 500MB of storage each time they refer a friend or family member to Dropbox. do

Google’s free 15GB cloud storage includes other Google products like Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Google Photos, etc. If you’ve been using Gmail for a long time, chances are you’ve used up a good amount of space. Of this free 15 GB.

To summarize, Google Drive should be your best cloud companion if you want to remain a free user and are not ready to pay for a cloud storage service.

Dropbox has direct consumer pricing, starting at $9.99/month (Dropbox Plus), offering 2 Tb of storage. Upgrading to Business plans allows users to enjoy access to some advanced Dropbox features such as SmartSync, Showcase, full-text search, and file viewer history.

Best Alternatives To Google Drive In 2022

Google Drive consumer pricing starts at $1.99 per month with 100 GB of storage. Cloud storage plans appeal to a large segment of users. Unlike Dropbox, Google allows its customers to choose a plan that suits their storage needs. Google’s $1.99/month (100 GB) is fine for those who don’t need a lot of storage space. Business users with high cloud storage needs can go for custom storage (as much as you need) plans.

Dropbox integrates with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, allowing users to create, organize, and instantly edit Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint n

On the other hand, Google Drive integrates deeply with other collaboration and productivity apps, including Gmail, Meet, Chat, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc. It makes working together easier and more efficient than Dropbox. Using Google Drive, you can work with Microsoft Office files even without Office installed.

Dropbox has an audio file synchronization feature that is currently unmatched by any other cloud storage provider. Dropbox allows its users to sync data across laptops, desktops and mobile phones. The best part of Dropbox Sync is that it supports multiple operating systems ranging from Windows and Android to Linux. Dropbox’s highly sophisticated algorithms make file syncing a breeze. As the cloud storage giant proudly proclaims, nobody syncs like Dropbox!

How To Optimize The Stack With Cloud Storage

Google Drive falls a bit short of Dropbox in this aspect because it doesn’t natively support the Linux operating system.

Dropbox does not offer any advanced option for searching files. You can simply start typing, and a list of email addresses will appear to choose from, with relevant results appearing below. Additionally, you can filter the results by folder or file type.

Like Dropbox, Google Drive’s search bar offers some filter options for finding files by author and type, as shown below.

Google Drive offers advanced search to help users find specific types of files in specific folders, trash, or anywhere else. You can also specify the modification date, file owner, file name, and any possible comments on the file. When you have a lot of files, all these features allow you to do a complete search.

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Verdict: If you store a lot of files and find them difficult to search, Google Drive is a better option with advanced search options.

Google Drive, without a doubt, has an edge when it comes to collaboration, productivity, and application support. As you know, Google Drive works exceptionally well with some of its older popular products like Gmail, Google Photos, Google Docs, etc., thus simplifying life for its users.

On the other hand, Dropbox needs to catch up to Google and Microsoft to maintain its market dominance. Given Dropbox’s history (the Carousel and Mailbox failures), it will be a challenge for Dropbox to replace its collaboration tool, Paper, as the best on the market.

Verdict: To summarize, Google is the undisputed king in this comparison, and there’s no reason you should stick with Google Drive if productivity, not sync, is an important feature to you.

The Best Cloud Storage Services In 2022

When uploading files to a cloud service, you don’t need to worry about the file type, but you can only check the supported file types.

Dropbox only supports a limited number of file types, such as Adobe files, Microsoft files, images, text files, videos, and audios. So, you have to install the software to check for any other file types that are not supported.

In contrast, Google Drive supports over 100 file types, including PDFs, CAD files, images, videos, Photoshop, Autodesk, and more.

The answer depends on your specific requirements. If you want to quickly sync files and folders between multiple devices, Dropbox is a good choice. Besides being fast, reliable and seamless, it works transparently in the background. Dropbox doesn’t come with many extra features, but by focusing on its core product, it’s still one of the best.

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If you are looking for a complete solution for your business, the integration of Google Drive with Google Photos, Gmail and other Google services will benefit you. Dropbox can’t compete with its tight integration with G Suite apps.

If you are a Dropbox user and planning to migrate from Dropbox to Google Drive, you don’t need to worry about

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